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Patient charges

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital can provide estimated average prices for many common, adult medical procedures. Note: Estimates for hospital services do not include physicians' fees, which are billed separately. Additionally, your actual price may vary based on health conditions and the actual procedure performed.

If you would like a price estimate, or have other financial questions, please call (217) 774-3961 to speak with one of our financial counselors Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Private Room: $1280
  • Semi-Private Room: $1110
  • EKG: $274.66
  • Chest X-Ray: $220.88
  • Protime: $60.78
  • Blood Typing RH Factor: $58.22
  • Blood Sugar – Glucose: $57.94
  • Lipid Profile – Cholesterol: $139.44
  • CMP: $222.14
  • BMP: $202.43
  • Blood Draw Fee: $13.72